Chemistry Lab Storage for Truman College

Smarter Storage for Academic Institutions

Truman College Chemistry Lab combined two storage rooms into one using high-density mobile storage.

The chemistry department at Truman College in Chicago was losing one of its two storage rooms, and needed to combine all its supplies and materials into one space.

The items being stored required access by students. Using the 80/20 rule, the items accessed most often were placed in “sorter units” at the front of the rows. That allowed for access without waiting for an aisle to be cleared. To improve safety, a powered high-density mobile system was used. In addition, the shelves have a “soft start – soft stop” feature ensuring that the fragile materials being stored are protected from abrupt starts or stops.

By utilizing high-density we were able to save 50% of the space required using conventional stationary shelving.

Project at a glance:

  • The chemistry supply storage room required student access
  • Utilized powered systems for the mobile shelving to increase safety
  • A “soft” start / stop feature was used to help protect fragile items
  • Saved 50% of the space required through high-density shelving
  • Used the 80 / 20 rule for storage—frequently used items were placed in the front rows

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