Times-2 Rotary Cabinets

Compact & Versatile Storage: Times 2 Rotary File Cabinets

The Times 2 rotary file cabinet is a space-saving dual-sided alternative to lateral cabinets. It features true flexible storage not seen in lateral cabinets and has compartmentalized, locking storage. You can store everything imaginable from personal items to books, binders, tablets, notebooks, files, and more. Times 2 rotary file cabinets come in 10 heights and 2 widths with loads of accessories and configurations to make a complete and versatile storage system. With the Time-2™ Rotary Cabinet System, you can have the versatile, compact, and efficient storage and shelving solution you’ve been looking for.

The Times-2™ Rotary is a compact storage cabinet system that rotates for fast access from either side and gives double the depth for more multimedia storage, taking up less space than traditional cabinetry. 

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Advantages of the Times-2™ System

Efficient and space-saving, the Aurora Storage Times-2™ Rotary Cabinet System rotates for quick and easy access from either side and allows for double the depth of traditional cabinet systems for more multimedia and office supply storage. Unlike the traditional lateral cabinet files, the Times-2™ system’s innovative and unique designs offer the ability to plan ahead and cater to all your storage needs during the space planning process. The Times-2™ can save you space, divide space as needed and take your storage capacity to a whole new and spacious

Versatile, Unique and Flexible Storage

The Times-2™ System’s elegant design offerings give you the space and look that suits your office or storage space you’re looking for – providing more spinning storage cabinets than traditional lateral solutions. With all of the many space-saving benefits of vertical storage, the Times-2™ system adds a perfect revolving office shelving solution for any office setting or business.

The Times-2™ System can house items such as:

  • 3 Styles of binders (hanging, end tab & top tab)
  • Binders
  • DVDs & CDs
  • Office Supplies
  • Coats & Personal Items

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