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Storing art can be an interesting challenge.

There’s the issue of keeping a collection secure—and there’s also additional considerations, such as humidity and temperature control, fire protection, and preserving the integrity of pieces for future generations.

We understand—and your collection poses a challenge that we enjoy partnering with you on. With compact art racks and other types of storage, art can reside safely in a small space and still be kept safe. Take a look at some of our art storage solutions:

Unlike traditional static storage, our compact art racks can double the amount stored by utilizing both sides of the rack. Art can be displayed vertically with ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems (such as our Hang Glider Pro) or with a floor-mounted high-density art rack system to accommodate larger art collections.

Both systems offer smooth and easy operational functions to provide an organized, safe way to organize your two-dimensional fine art.

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Hang Glider Pro Art Racks

This ceiling-suspended pullout storage panel system offers low vibration, sway prevention, and controlled deceleration—and allows racks to be arranged close together to maximize space to its full capacity. The double-faced, woven steel mesh design allows galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides of the system with no interference. In addition to its role in typical storage areas, we’ve also seen Hang Glider Pro utilized in visible storage areas as well.

High-Density Mobile Art Racks

These floor-mounted high-density mobile art racks can be installed in a variety of ways—either existing floors or planned as part of new construction. Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density, while roller-guide bearing wheel assemblies offer superior racking.

All wheel sections are equipped with in-rail anti-tips, ensuring that large collections are safely anchored to the floor. For maximum storage density, these racks can be used in conjunction with Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage systems, resulting in less wasted space and easy accessibility.

Art Racks Store Totems & Statues at Chicago’s Field Museum

Art racks aren’t just for two-dimensional art. At Chicago’s Field Museum, we worked with the Museum’s Collections Resource Center to utilize racks to hang totems and statues that reside in their Anthropology room. The art racks feature brackets and safety harnesses that are adjustable to each item’s specific dimensions, giving the Museum more control over the security of their collections.

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