Vertical Farming Solutions for Cannabis & Micro-Greens

Spacesaver’s ActiveRAC® Vertical Grow Racks System is Changing the Game for Indoor Cannabis & Micro-Green Growers

In today’s quickly urbanizing world, the agricultural and farming industries are looking for new and innovative ways to supply fresh produce to meet the increasing demand for locally sourced and grown products. Given the increasingly high value of space and time in these bustling urban areas, facilities need to be optimized to make the most use of the space to return a high yield harvest, ensure safety and streamline their processes. The solution? Increase yield with GROW vertical grow racks and ActiveRAC Mobile Growing Systems!

With ActiveRAC Mobile Racking & GROW vertical grow racks, we have seen great successes in both the surging legal Cannabis Industry as well as indoor micro-green applications. Whether you’re running a large Cannabis grow rack facility or simply want to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for your local restaurants, Bradford and Spacesaver can find the perfect solution to increase your space and, in turn, your yield. 

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Vertical Grow Racks for Higher Yields

GROW Mobile Systems

GROW Systems to Help You Grow More

The cannabis industry is growing fast and your cultivation methods are unique to your process. With the increasing demands, more need for higher yield increases as well – that’s where we come in! Together, we can help you maximize your space, increase your yield and, in turn, boost your bottom line. GROW is designed especially for cannabis growth operations with solutions that integrate with your facility to help you build and grow.

GROW can exponentially increase your space by allowing tables to slide together by mounting the shelving on railing installed in or on top of your existing floor. Now you have aisles that open simply and ergonomically, with a lever or the touch of a button!

Just some of the benefits:

  • Maximize yield
  • Improve airflow and light exposure
  • Improve work environments
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Install happens in phases
  • Get professional service and consultation

Low-Rise Grow Trays

Spacesaver’s low-rise trays provide strength and durability with minimal maintenance. Designed to integrate with multi-tier GROW mobile systems and sized for a variety of standard tables, the trays prevent accidental run-off and promote proper drainage and airflow in high-density grow rack operations. They also fully integrate with existing lighting and plumbing systems, saving you even more time and money.

Create Vertical Growing Racks with ActivRAC

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC system eliminates the wasted space of empty aisles by mounting racks and shelves vertically on mobile carriages, allowing you to make the most of your space while easily moving and accessing shelves safely.

Reliable, Effective & So Much More

Developed to carry heavy loads, ActiveRAC is a reliable and durable solution that can be customized to suit your facility’s needs, offering stainless steel options for specific requirements. This is especially important for products that require temperature and humidity considerations, like cannabis and produce. Vertical growth is the future!

Benefits of Vertical Grow Systems: 

  • Maximize vertical and horizontal growing space
  • Increase profits/square foot
  • Increase production capacity
  • We can easily integrate lighting, irrigation, CO2, etc., systems.
  • Easily move your racks with the push of a button or a smooth hand crank
  • Carriage system allows for racks and shelves to be moved side to side, eliminating aisles & wasted space
  • Economical solution for farm production

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