Project of the Month: Walter E. Deuchler Associates

Mobile Storage & Seamless Shelving for 102 Years’ Worth of Engineering History


Client: Walter E. Deuchler Associates 
Market: Corporate
 May 2018

Walter E. Deuchler Associates, located in Aurora, Il., offers a full of spectrum of services across civil, structural, electrical and environmental engineering. As a full service engineering partner, Deuchler provides the team you need with the experience, knowledge and solutions to help plan and execute your project.

With integrity and excellence in mind, Deuchler knows that greatness starts with treating people well and creating the kind of solutions that make a real difference – this goes for their employees too.

Innovative Intelligence Management Meets Smart Storage Solutions

Engineers know, projects consist of a lot of paperwork including records, plans and blueprints. Deuchler Associates had 102 years’ of stored records for municipalities structures and systems, environmental regulations, and specification manuals for constructions materials. However,  keeping everything tidy, organized and easily accessible became a huge problem that spread not only across different spaces in the building, but in spaces across the street as well  – that’s where we came in!

We worked with Michael Brown of Cordogan Clark & Associates Architects on plan and design, as well as establishing storage capacity needs and the IMS teams involvement in moving out materials, storing on to carts and, finally, reloading them in to the new system.

Our Digital Team (Information Management Services) removed materials from the room and moved them to a storage crate in an adjacent space. They then broke down and removed the existing file cabinets and static shelving from the site prior to the Installation Teams arrival. The installation team was able to deliver and cart materials and equipment using only the stairs – causing minimal disruption. 

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We installed two High Density Mobile Shelving systems with static shelving as well as two worktops. As seen above, the before & after photos show the difference great storage solutions can make!   

We were able to load what they had in the existing room in filing cabinets and static shelving, as well as the the files they had stored off-site, on to the new systems. Our IMS team was involved in the collection, organization, scanning and indexing of these various documents.

With the help of various collaborators, budgeting and coordination of the installation was seamless through communication across the board – resulting in a successful installation as well as an effective integration of our IMS & Installation teams.

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